Where Can I Have My Computer Recycled In London?

Have you ever wondered what happens to all your electronics after you dispose of them? Recycling e-waste – including computers, laptops, mobile phones, and printers – not only benefits the environment; it can benefit your business.

We’ll show you how e waste recycling in London is a smart investment from both a financial and an environmental perspective, and provide practical steps to help your business adopt greener, more cost-effective electronic waste disposal practices in London.

Computer Recycling For Small-Medium Sized Businesses

E-waste disposal and recycling is an excellent way for a small to medium business to stand out from the crowd. Morarecycle, many of our clients –  use computer recycling to help make a positive difference with our planet.

Recycling electronics offers many benefits for small to medium businesses, including:

  • Demonstrating that your business is forward-thinking and eco-friendly
  • Reinforcing your competitive difference
  • Allowing you to reclaim financial value from old electronics through rebates

Find out how e-waste recycling works for small to medium businesses.

Computer Recycling For Education Providers

From computers and laptops to server equipment, education providers generate a vast amount of e-waste that can benefit from recycling. Benefits of e-waste collection for Sydney educational providers include:

  • Upfront agreed rebate amounts for computer disposals
  • Detailed audit reporting
  • Complete data security
  • All types of e-waste collected

Find out how e-waste recycling works for education providers.

Steps For Recycling Your E-Waste In London

If you operate a business, the steps for recycling electronics in London are simple.

1. Collection And Transport

We collect your e waste from your London business, whether you have a single site or multiple sites.

2. Receiving

We deliver your e waste to our recycling facility, where we record information that allows us to track your item through our system.

3. Data Destruction

We wipe all data from your electronics to preserve your privacy.

4. Testing And Grading

Electronics are tested on their working condition and graded by physical condition.

5. Itemised Reporting

We generate reports, which provide a complete audit trail of your assets, and where applicable, provide you with a rebate for items of significant value.

6. Resale Of Working Assets

We remove all client-identifiable markings and sell assets that have resale value.

7. Dismantling And Recycling Of Remaining Assets

We will dismantle assets that have no resale value and recycle the materials associated with the electronics.

Choosing A Nationally Trusted Recycler

G1 Asset Management is a Sydney-based computer recycling business located at .

Our e-waste recycling expertise makes us a top choice among businesses across Australia. For more information, visit our page on E waste Recycling in London. Get in touch by calling 1300 953 771 or send us an inquiry through our contact form.